timepostThis is for all you copywriters out there.

Writing an ad is only hard if you’re doing it right. The easy ad lists each and every service without taking a pause for a break or even telling the audience WHY they should be excited for it, but that’s also the ineffective one. Leaving your audience with too much too fast will only overwhelm them and no one likes to be overwhelmed.

A good ad is a transaction of time. An audience will give you give you their attention if you provide something of value.  A good tip is useful as people will appreciate the info. A bad joke can go along way because people are always happy to laugh. Remember, to hold someone’s attention you have to give them something in return.

You may feel like you’re wasting precious time in a 30 second piece, but it means they will respect the remaining 20 seconds you have them for. If you leave them with a bit of respect, well then you have a better chance at them knocking on your door. Luckily, that’s what we’re trying to do the first place.