Out of extinction

Alright, cat’s out of the bag and we’re live. Mammoth Marketing is a real thing now, it’s no longer a future prospect and that’s a little strange for me to see. It’s been about a year and half of careful planning and preparation but now we’re ready.

You may know us by our former name, Neumuth Advertising. Steve the owner has decided to move onto different things in his life and I, the former creative director, am taking up the reigns. We’ve got a great team in place who all love being a part of local and statewide business. We have the same goals we always have, do good work for great clients that achieves awesome results. That’s not going to change.

One thing is going to change, and that’s our own internet presence. We want our own presence to stand a testament of what to do with online marketing. Hence this blog, which will populate full of content for local and statewide small business.

What kind of content?

Over the years you can come here to find our approach to marketing, how we deal with the trends and what we feel is important to the landscape as things shift and change. We’ll showcase some of our best work and lend out a number of tips for small business owners who are just starting out. Keep an eye out, we’re just getting started.