Blog-Post2Starting somewhere is better than going nowhere.

It’s true. You may not know where to go with your advertising but you have to start somewhere. We are often asked if people should start on radio, TV, online or print. Our answer is different almost every time and usually we start by asking questions.

  • Are you retail or service?
  • Residential or commercial?
  • What’s the income threshold of your customer base?
  • Do you have a proper web presence?
  • What’s your budget?

There is a lot that goes into a marketing plan but the biggest step is finally putting yourself out there. Marketing and advertising should be a constant flow with shifts in direction depending on what your goals are. Sometimes you may hit the mark, sometimes you may not. However, that’s how you learn where the mark is in the first place. If radio hits and you start hearing feedback, then you made the right choice, but that doesn’t mean that TV or print won’t work just as well.  It’s a game of battleship, when you do hit, you’ll know.

So pick a direction, one that feels right, and jump in. Even if it’s a small push, it’s better to be visible to a few than invisible to everyone. After that, swerve and enjoy the ride.