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You can run your business while we run your marketing.

We specialize in giving small, local and statewide businesses those marketing chops that they have always known they needed. It’s hard to prioritize marketing, that’s why we do it for you. Whether your budget is big or small we make sure that your audience gets the hint, that you want their business. As advertising and marketing continues to change so do our methods. While we started life as a traditional agency we’re really liking all these digital shifts we’re seeing as well. That said, the best marketing plan uses both pillars of media. After all it’s the same audience.

The ad bunch.

We come from different backgrounds but we all like thai food, so we get along.


Tyler Williams
Tyler WilliamsOwner
Tyler started in advertising in 2004 after a less than promising career in windshield replacement. He’s kept on going, adding new skills to his toolbox and never looked back. He gets far fewer glass cuts these days.
Ad Guru Status 93%
Coffee Consumption Level 86%
Cindi Gryder
Cindi GryderAccount Executive
Cindi will know what you need to do before you know you need to do it. Seriously, she’ll call you right when you need her to and precisely when you forgot you’d need it.
Media Knowledge 96%
Love of Chocolate 99%
Shea Bredlie
Shea BredlieAccount Executive
Shea was a client before she was a co-worker. This means she knows what it’s like on both sides of the email chain. She also beats out the rest of us in cheerfulness in the morning, we don’t know how she does it.
Media Strategy 89%
Horror Movie Fandom 95%
Aaron Cottle
Aaron CottleAccount Executive
Aaron left the Navy to move to Alaska with his wife. After earning a Business degree with a Marketing concentration from UAF, he talked his way into a job at Mammoth. He spends less time in helicopters these days and more time on the trails.
Copy Writing Skills 92%
Star Wars Nerdity 99%
George Keeney
George KeeneyAccount Executive
George brings with him years of customer service and sales experience. He can understand, empathize and connect with almost anyone instantly, especially your dog.
Kindness Expert 96%
Nature Lover 100%
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy ParkerVideographer / Tech Wizard
Jeremy has been producing top tier videos for us for about 4 years. He’s also resident IT guy and fixes computers with his aura. Spooky but useful.
Video Production Sweetness 97%
Daschund Whisperer Skills 100%
Eric Lonn
Eric LonnVideo Producer
Eric came to us with a background in broadcast news and video production. He’s always learning new techniques to make the videos we produce stand out from the crowd. If all that wasn’t enough, he’s a pretty mean cook, too.
Obsession with 3D Animation 100%
Omelette Making Skills 80%
Agnes Eaker
Agnes EakerSocial Media Strategist
Agnes came to work at Mammoth 2 days after graduation from UAF. Her lifelong use of social media and technology means that she’s adept as the tides change in social media.
Social Media Know-How 93%
Video game obsession 87%



I saw a subliminal advertising executive, but only for a second

Steven Wright

I saw a subliminal advertising executive, but only for a second

Steven Wright