Advertising your business can be scary, especially when you’re new to it. I’ve seen many clients struggle with these simple questions.

Who will see this?
What will they think?
Will I look stupid?
Should I even be doing this?


And you know what, that’s completely understandable. In today’s world anything you do is part of a larger conversation that you can’t control. All of those comments, messages, and reviews open you up to a world of possibilities. It can be overwhelming, so let’s take these one at a time.

  • Who will see this?
    More people than you know, but that’s a good thing.

  • What will they think?
    Relax, you probably know more about your business than they do. Most people are willing to listen.

  • Will I look stupid?
    Possibly, but run it by a few friends and trust their opinion over your own.

  • Should I even be doing this?
    Yes, the scary things in life always stretch you and that’s how you grow.

No matter what the public says or does, you can handle it better than you think and you should invite the conversation. Engage with your audience. It’s what they want, so open the door and invite them in.